Abella Mining & Industries

Abella mining and energy is a 100% black female owned and managed business. We operate mainly in the Mining and aerospace sectors. The company is partly owned by a trust whose beneficiaries include a group of rural and young women.
established in 2008 and was licensed by the Department of Mineral and Energy (now Department of Energy) in 2009 as a wholesaler and importer of Petroleum products. in the past year, the company evolved to include supply of Industrial Lubricants and Maintenance Services.

IoT fluid monitoring systems

Our Technology also provides the most advanced industrial IoT fluid monitoring system by providing sensors capable of continuously monitoring metallic wear debris and particulates in an asset’s lubrication system in addition to in-line sensing technology for monitoring the health state of lubricating fluid., therefore taking the testing out of the lab and analyse equipment fluids in real-time, without manual intervention – a significant operational advantage

Conveyor health monitoring

Monitors conveyor health through world-leading fibre optic technology, advanced signal processing algorithms, predictive analytics and cloud-based analysis, reporting and alerts. – uses real-time data to enhance asset management, improve reliability and introduce exciting new predictive capabilities The Technology Provides deeper insights to maintenance technicians, site personnel, regional operational hubs and global headquarters, conveyors are automatically connected to the cloud via an Industrial Grade Wireless IoT gateway, enabling daily asset reliability reports from every conveyor, at every site This is a game changing solution which will optimise conveyor performance and create substantial cost savings for the company.

We supply Kluber lubricant in the following sectors